Riverbank cleanup February 2015

We had two meeting points: the UL Boat House and the Anglers’ Walk entrance. The group on the UL side was smaller, but they did great work! You can see their “capture” below. We worked along the bank, hoping to meet after a couple of hours. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great (drizzling, cold and chilly) and there was rubbish galore, so we decided to stop and call it a day. We regrouped on the Anglers’ Walk side for a photo. Someone in the neighbourhood must have called the guards seeing the pile of rubbish accumulating at the gate. Fortunately, they arrived at the moment of our glorious photo shooting – they drove past us up and down and left us alone.

We had great support from the Limerick City and County Council, who sent a truck to pick up the bags almost immediately after we finished.

A big thank you goes to our friends at Richmond RFC, who kindly provided us with tea and coffee and allowed us to clean up and get dry while having some home baked delightful cakes. Their new club building is impressive – they’ve done a fantastic job!

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