The Piseógs Of Park At Midsummer

The Piseógs Of Park At Midsummer
a walk in Park led by Miriam Lohan, John Elliott, and Pat Lysaght [all custodians of trees in the Secret Orchard] , June 23rd 2021 
part of At Home On The Farm,” an exhibition of paintings by Mary Burke, at Limerick City Gallery of Art, until June 27th 2021.
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event has been CANCELLED.
The area known as Park, on the Shannon bank east of the city, has been farmed for over a thousand years. We will be looking for what remains of the market gardens and pastures, down the country lanes and meadows, past old farmhouses, magical plants, and a secret orchard. As the 23rd is St. John’s Eve, one of the most important evenings of the old Irish calendar, we will be sharing local folklore, traditions, and superstitions as we go.
Participants are invited to bring camera phones, and their own Midsummer traditions to share. Also advised to wear sensible footwear and long trousers and sleeves for walking rough country paths.
Approx. 90 minutes.

In preparation for the spring activities

Today we went down by the canal to estimate how much work needs to be done in two weeks time.
We also looked for little corners that could foster our future “secret garden”.

Joan Lysaght pointed out this interesting plant, that was used as bed straw in the past. It has a lovely scent, but it looks like its use in mattresses was later proved to cause liver and kidney problems.
It’s called Winter heliotrope, also known as Butterbur.

Canal Walk in Preparation Of Cleanup


Harvest Time Guided Riverbank Walk on Sunday

The Limerick Riverpath Volunteers initiative group (previously known as “We love Plassey Riverbank”) lead several clean-up operations, as well as wild flowers sowing on the canal and river bank earlier this year.
Now it’s time to enjoy what the river bank has to offer! We are organising a guided walk followed by a picnic on Sunday, and everybody is welcome!

We will be meeting at 2pm at the old lock on the canal bank – behind Emo petrol station on Clare St.
We will start with a bit of history – Sharon Slater of Limerick’s Life will share stories about the glorious past of the canal.
Maura Turner of Birdwatch Ireland will draw our attention to the birds we might encounter during our walk, and horticulturist Joan Lysaght will open our eyes to the many plants, trees and bushes that grow on the canal and river bank.
We’ll walk by the canal and then by the river up to the junction with the Anglers’ Walk. Softday‘s Mikael Fernstrom and Sean Taylor will help us acquire the magic power of listening to underwater sounds.

On the way back to the Richmond Rugby&Football Club, we’ll look for blackberries and photograph as many hidden treasures as we can.
The berries are for the picnic, and the photos for a Limerick Riverpaths digital treasure chest!
And finally around 4pm, we’ll get back together for a harvest picnic at Richmond RFC. We’ll have the chance to sample each other’s baking while sipping a cup of tea/coffee and chatting about what we’ve seen.

Richmond RFC will be open from us from 1:45pm until 5pm.
Join us anytime, and be prepared for any weather. We’re doing our best to arrange sun;)