The Piseógs Of Park At Midsummer

The Piseógs Of Park At Midsummer
a walk in Park led by Miriam Lohan, John Elliott, and Pat Lysaght [all custodians of trees in the Secret Orchard] , June 23rd 2021 
part of At Home On The Farm,” an exhibition of paintings by Mary Burke, at Limerick City Gallery of Art, until June 27th 2021.
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event has been CANCELLED.
The area known as Park, on the Shannon bank east of the city, has been farmed for over a thousand years. We will be looking for what remains of the market gardens and pastures, down the country lanes and meadows, past old farmhouses, magical plants, and a secret orchard. As the 23rd is St. John’s Eve, one of the most important evenings of the old Irish calendar, we will be sharing local folklore, traditions, and superstitions as we go.
Participants are invited to bring camera phones, and their own Midsummer traditions to share. Also advised to wear sensible footwear and long trousers and sleeves for walking rough country paths.
Approx. 90 minutes.

Caring for our river banks – can we do it together?

As part of the Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival, Gabriela and Miriam gave a talk at Chez le Fab on 22 March 2018.
Here’s the talk abstract:

“For the last 6 years, Limerick Riverpath Volunteers ( have been doing clean-ups, tree planting, walks and talks, bringing together people who care about the canal and river banks. Come to hear about our experience and about a new trend, called ‘Take 3 for the Sea’ when it is done on beaches or “plogging” when done while jogging.”

We had a great turnout, and very interesting conversations afterwards. Thanks to everyone who showed up!
In case you couldn’t make it, here are the slides we used in the form of a short video:

A great success!

More than 70 people showed up for our cleanup on Sunday- from all parts of the city and of all ages- families, students, members of various groups and associations, who all have a special place in their hearts for our riverbanks.

Here are a few photos and impressions shared by the participants on social media:

More photos here thanks to Brian Leddin.

Well done to everyone involved, UL Environmental Committee, UL Kayak Club, UL Sub Aqua Club, Birdwatch Ireland Limerick Branch, TidyTowns Limerick, Team Limerick Clean-up! This was the final “harvest” – more than 5 tonnes of rubbish!

Plassey Riverbank Cleanup on Sunday, March 11 2018

Volunteers needed for our cleanup of the river bank at Plassey on March 11th. We will be joining forces with UL Environment Committee and Kayak Club and will aim to gather most of the litter that has accumulated on the stretch between the Guinness Bridge and UL Boathouse. There will be tea and sandwiches in the Boathouse afterwards. Please come along!

Report Invasive Plants App launched

Limerick ​City and County Council has developed a smart phone app which is designed to let people quickly and easily report sightings of invasive plants like Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam.

The app is called “Report Invasive Plants” was developed by Mobanode and is available for both iPhone and Android through the App Store and Google Play Store.


Clean-up in Shannon Fields



As part of the National Spring Clean organised by An Taiscé, we are meeting for a clean-up in Shannon Fields on 23 April 2016 at 2pm.NationalSpringClean

The clean-up will be followed by a celebration of the apple trees we planted there last year, and a picnic.

This is a map of the area.  For car access, the closest point is Lucas Drive. For walking and cycling, you can walk along the Canal and along the foot/cycling path that connects the Guinness Bridge to Corbally along the Shannon.



We are looking forward to seeing you there! Keep in touch through the event page on Facebook!